About us

With around 17,000 students, 1,350 academic staff, 650 professional services staff, and £237 million of annual income, we aspire to be one of the most successful Humanities faculties in the world.

We aim to be a truly international body of staff and students, with our research, teaching and social responsibility having global reach. We're already highly internationalised, with:

  • 28.5% of our Manchester-based students from outside the UK and EU
  • 37% of our academic staff from outside the UK
  • 226,909 alumni around the globe.

We aim to:

  • pursue collaborations with the best international partners to support the achievement of our core goals
  • strengthen the international dimension of our taught courses, shaping our students as global citizens able to compete in an increasingly diverse job market
  • provide opportunities for our students to be exposed to new cultures and languages
  • continue to develop and support the recruitment of international students to on-campus programmes and further develop our portfolio of transnational education provision
  • increase the level and scope of our international research collaborations.