Our academics generate new knowledge every day, creating a mass of intellectual property (IP) that has the potential to make positive contributions to society.

By commercialising our ideas through IP sales, licensing to third parties, or the creation of spin-out companies, we enable businesses to benefit from access to unique and innovative products and services.

How we manage IP investment

University of Manchester I3 Ltd (UMI3) is our innovation company. It works to bring our pioneering work into the commercial world.

UMI3 has two operational divisions:

  • UMIF – our Innovation Factory, offering state-of-the-art facilities, premises and a vibrant enterprise conferencing and networking centre
  • UMIP – our IP commercialisation service

Spin-out companies

Examples of how we've helped bring innovations to market include:

  • Ketso creative engagement
  • STORM suicide management

Read more about these spin-out companies on our case studies page:

Read more about our recent commercialisation activities: