Professional development

Get the best out of your workforce and improve your organisation’s effectiveness with bespoke training and skills development.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses in the Faculty of Humanities include:  

  • Bespoke programmes commissioned for specific organisations.
  • Targeted programmes developed for particular sectors.
  • Closed programmes, just for one specific group of learners.
  • Open programmes, for individuals from a range of organisations.

Our professional development courses span a range of subject areas and modes of study.

Business and management

Alliance Manchester Business School offer unique executive education programmes to meet specific business needs, from leadership training to customised skills development. For organisations in the Third Sector, we offer a no-charge intensive executive-level learning and development programme called 'Prometheus'.

For information on all Executive Development courses see the Alliance MBS website:

Humanitarianism and global health

The Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) offers a number of CPD units and short online courses to develop your skills and proficiency in the fields of humanitarianism and global health.

By bringing together medicine and humanities, these programmes offer an inclusive approach to humanitarian education that mirrors the reality of aid operations and informs both analytical and applied disciplines.

For information on all HCRI short and online courses see the website:

Healthcare ethics and law

The Law department offers a range of short online courses that can easily be combined with a busy professional life. Courses are studied in a virtual, web-based learning environment and are assessed by short, online, multiple-choice quizzes.

Interpretation for local interpreters

The School of Arts, Languages and Culture run a part-time course for local community-based interpreters in Manchester on note-taking, specifically for sensitive situations with people needing interpreting services, where constant interruption can cause a problem, but where accuracy is of prime importance.

Current clients include the police, health and immigration personnel.

Muslim Medical Heritage

The School of Arts, Languages and Cultures offers an online CPD course aimed at medical practitioners looking to enhance their practice with an understanding of Islamic medical history.

Further information

More about the University’s professional development portfolio: