Prof Fiona Smyth

Deputy Dean and Vice-Dean for Teaching, Learning and Students.

Prof Fiona Smyth
Prof Fiona Smyth

‌Fiona Smyth is a Senior Lecturer in Geography at the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED).

She gained her undergraduate degree from the University of Bristol and her PhD from The University of Manchester.

After completing her PhD, Fiona was appointed as a lecturer in Geography at the Victoria University of Manchester where she oversaw Admissions, Examinations, Quality Assurance, and the Geography Undergraduate Programmes at different points in time. 

She has been a member of numerous university-level committees and working groups including the Ethical Grand Challenges Steering Group, the Online Education Strategy Group, the Research and Teaching Working Group, Task Force 7 (Library and Information Services) as part of the Review of Undergraduate Education and, the Project Unity Academic Framework and Regulation Project. 

Immediately prior to becoming Associate Dean, she was Head of Geography (2008-11) and Director of Teaching and Learning for SEED (2011-14). 

Fiona is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Editor of Geography Review, and a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Geography in Higher Education

She has particular interests in assessment for learning, fieldwork, and skills development. 

Her teaching contributions focus on cultural geography and the social constructions of health and disease. 

She leads an annual field course to Cuba each year.

She became Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning and Students in the Faculty of Humanities in July 2014.