Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

We're working to ensure the diversity of our workforce mirrors the ethnic, disability, and gender makeup of our local community and the markets in which we recruit. In the Faculty of Humanities, we have set a number of objectives to drive this forward.

Communicating university initiatives

Communicating university initiatives and engaging colleagues in generating ideas for tackling local issues, including gathering and promulgating data on the workforce composition and giving appropriate prominence to equality and diversity matters at management meetings in order to establish equality and diversity initiatives in the mainstream.

Developing an Equality and Diversity Action Plan

The development of an Equality and Diversity Action Plan for all staff, including positive action initiatives where appropriate, to increase the number of applications from under-represented groups and to help improve the performance of underrepresented groups at the shortlisting and interview stages.

Identifying barriers

Identifying and addressing barriers to promotion for under-represented groups by working with the Equality and Diversity Unit and the Disability Advisory Service.

By working with these groups, we will also improve the reporting of disability of both job applicants and current staff to allow appropriate support to be provided.

Responsible processes

Our processes and policies aim to balance efficiency with opportunities to create social and environmental benefits.

The Faculty supports the Athena Swan Charter which recognises the advancement of gender equality. Traditionally focussed on promoting careers in science and technological fields the charter has been expanded to recognise the work undertaken in humanities too.