Hallsworth Conference Fund

The Hallsworth Conference Fund is currently closed for applications

 The fund will also encourage some level of co-funding and/or external investment and collaboration with other organisations.

The fund encourages applications around the following areas that are of current and/or emerging importance for the Faculty of Humanities:

  • Creative and heritage
  • Digital Futures
  • Global inequalities
  • Post-Covid society
  • Sustainable Futures

The event must be based in Manchester and all marketing and publicity material linked to the event must acknowledge and make specific reference to the funding support provided by the Hallsworth endowment.

Potential applicants should discuss their plans with their School Research Director to ensure that the proposal is aligned with the School's research priorities and is consistent with the spirit of the Hallsworth fund. The budget for the event should be drawn up with the applicant's School Research Support Manager.

Informal enquiries should be made to simonandhallsworth@manchester.ac.uk.


Applications should follow the guidance below and be submitted to Gillian Whitworth (gillian.whitworth@manchester.ac.uk) by Friday, 8 December 2023. Decisions will be communicated to Schools by the end of December 2023.

Title of proposed conference

Give the full title of the conference. This should be clear, succinct and memorable.

Principal convenor

Provide the full name, current appointment and employing institution for the principal convenor.

Other convenors

Provide the following information for each other convener of the conference:

  • full name;
  • current appointment;
  • employing institution.


Provide a summary of the subject of the conference - in accessible language suitable for a lay reader (max. 200 words). Include the proposed date of the conference.

Details of conference

Describe the aims and objectives of the conference, in sufficient detail to allow the Hallsworth committee to assess its importance (max 1,000 words).

Explain the focus of the conference programme and theme(s). Why is the subject challenging and potentially of such significance? What new research agendas are likely to be discussed? What are the wider (e.g. public policy, public interest and societal) implications of the event? Why will this event differ and/or be unique to previous events based around this topic? Applicants should use this section also to provide any other information that may explain the background to the proposed conference.

List of potential speakers

Draw up a list of potential speakers who would make a balanced and informed programme, and please give a brief outline of the topics to be covered.

Outputs and dissemination

Outline your plans for ambitious research publication plans and external grant capture arising from the event, potential policy impact and your plans for wider public dissemination.


The budget for the event should be drawn up with the applicant's School Research Support Manager.

Eligible costs:

  • Travel and subsistence
  • Consumables including equipment, e.g. venue hire, printing

Ineligible costs:

  • Staff costs (including administration staff costs), indirect and estate costs

Please note that the usual maximum award is £20k per conference. If your costs are higher, you will therefore need to plan to apply for further funding from elsewhere.