Simon and Hallsworth Fellowships

For early-career researchers with a doctoral degree.


Applications will be judged principally on the creativity and excellence of the research described, but also on their fit with expertise in the nominated school and the University environment generally. Your proposed research project must:

  • demonstrate a clear link between the length of fellowship (3 years) and the research proposal;
  • be relevant to the nominated Fellowship scheme.

Where you will be based

Fellows will be required to be based at the University during their period of tenure.

Exceptionally a Fellow may be permitted to conduct research elsewhere.

Requests for leave of absence for research purposes for more than four weeks per annum during the appointment should be submitted with detailed information as a part of the formal application, or exceptionally subsequently to the Chair of the Simon and Hallsworth Fellowships Appointment Committees.


The Fellowship is a full-time commitment, and the scheme provides for the Fellow to be invited to undertake a limited amount of teaching.

Limited is defined as a maximum of up to five hours per week averaged out over the academic year.



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Career progression

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