Simon and Hallsworth Fellowships

For early-career researchers with a doctoral degree.


Applications will be judged principally on the creativity and excellence of the research described, but also on their fit with expertise in the nominated school and the University environment generally.

Your proposed research project must:

  • demonstrate a clear link between the length of fellowship requested and the research proposal;
  • be relevant to the nominated Fellowship scheme.

Where you will be based

Fellows will be required to be based at the University during their period of tenure.

Exceptionally a Fellow may be permitted to conduct research elsewhere. Requests for leave of absence for research purposes for more than four weeks per annum during the appointment should be submitted with detailed information as a part of the formal application, or exceptionally subsequently to the Chair of the Simon and Hallsworth Fellowships Appointment Committees.


The Fellowship is a full-time commitment, and the scheme provides for the Fellow to be invited to undertake a limited amount of teaching. Limited is defined as a maximum of up to five hours per week averaged out over the academic year.


Essential knowledge, skills and experience

Hallsworth Fellowship The ability to make an original contribution to research in the broad field of political economy.
Simon Fellowship The ability to make an original contribution to research in the broad field of social science.

The following list applies to both the Simon and Hallsworth funds.

  • A PhD to have been awarded by the closing date for applications and not more than four years prior to the closing date for applications. (The Fellowship Committee will take into account special circumstances i.e. career breaks in respect of the four year postdoctoral experience regulation.)
  • Demonstrable potential for high quality research in relevant subject areas through, for example, a record of research and publications appropriate to the level of post-doctoral experience.
  • The ability to construct a creative, excellent and achievable research proposal that is relevant to their nominated academic centre’s (ie School) overall research plans.
  • The ability to function as an independent researcher, including managing large research projects and meeting deadlines.
  • Candidates must not have held, or currently hold, a permanent academic position (rolling temporary contracts do not, in this case, equate to a permanent position).
  • The potential to reach the requisite research profile to secure an academic post on completion of the Fellowship.
  • The following would be a distinct advantage:
  • A degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) from a Higher Education Institution within the British Commonwealth.

For questions relating to the Fellowships please see our list of frequently asked questions.

Condition of the award

A condition of the award for all Simon and Hallsworth Research Fellowships is to produce a poster about your project as requested. 

Examples of the posters can be found on our current and recent fellows page.

How to apply

The application round for Fellowships beginning in 2021/22 is open. The deadline for applications is Monday 19 April 2021. Interviews will take place in late June 2021 (dates TBC).

Applications should be made via The University of Manchester’s online application system.

You should also attach a short CV (ideally no more than 2 pages) listing your publications.

Your research proposal should be no more than 2,000 words and relevant to your nominated academic centre’s (ie School) overall research plans. Your proposal must clearly identify your nominated host school (you may wish to do this at the top of your proposal) from those listed in the further particulars. Failure to do this will result in immediate elimination from the competition.

Your proposal should also provide a short statement outlining what steps you will take to engage with areas outside of the academic community.

Further advice and guidance on the impact agenda can be found here:


Please ensure that you provide your three nominated referees (at least one should be outside of your current institution) with a copy of your research proposal to enable them to offer comment, should they be asked by the University to provide a reference.

Further information